TIM FOWLER (b. 1985)

Tim Fowler’s signature vivid landscapes and characterful portraits have earned him both national and international acclaim.

Fowler's paintings are partially recognisable images distorted with strong colour and abstract elements. The physical process and tools used in a painting heavily direct his work. Fowler’s approach is both energetic and bold through his combined use of acrylic, enamel, gloss, spray paint, ink, graffiti paints, oil sticks and marker pens.

In his paintings, Fowler attempts to capture something deeper as opposed to literal representation.

In his own words: "I enjoy the contrast created between the old fashion style of the character and my modern and unique style of painting. Even though this is a totally different subject matter from my previous work, the bold juxtapositions of colours and media are steadily allowing me to grow a distinctive 'Tim Fowler' style."


Prices start from £950 to £1,950