DBG artist Richard Gower was recently commissioned by The Leeds Teaching Hospitals 'Be A Hero' campaign, which aims to get more people to sign up to become organ donors in the event of their death. The painting was to be presented to Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, who is the new patron of the charity.

Here is Gower's interpretation to his commission: 

"On September 11th 2001, a little doll was in the window of the charity “Chances for Children” in  New York's World Trade Centre [...] In the aftermath of the disaster, a Fireman (Brian Van Flandern) found ‘little Red’  in the rubble, carefully picked her up and carried her out [...] to later gift her to the museum of 911. ‘Little Red’ [...] became a symbol of ‘hope and positivity’ to all who visit and see her. I [...] hope my interpretation reflects the tenderness and thoughtfulness of the fireman, but more so the positivity and symbolism 'Little Red' has given to so many."

We at DBG think this is a great cause, and are proud to support the 'Be A Hero' campaign.