The Gallery's artist David Harper joins Fern Britton on BBC's For What It's Worth, providing his expert insight into the world of antiques and collectibles as the three pairs of contestants answer general knowledge questions.

This Friday 29 January at 2.30pm:

Next Friday 5 February at 2.30pm:

A NORTH-EAST antiques expert will be among a rotating panel of assistants on a new daily BBC quiz show.

For What It's Worth, hosted by Fern Britton, begins its five-week run on BBC 1 this week.

A different antiques expert is also featured each day, giving contestants the benefit of their expertise into the often confusing world of collectables.

David Harper, from Barnard Castle, will appear on Fridays.

Already a familiar face from his appearances on other BBC antiques shows including Cash in the Attic and Bargain Hunt, Mr Harper said this latest programme is unlike any he has contributed to before.

He compared the format to successful BBC quiz show Pointless and said: "You've got general knowledge questions and answers, with the double whammy of being able to then choose antiques."

Episodes were filmed in early December and Mr Harper is hopeful the show will go on to enjoy success of its own.

He added: "It was great to be in a studio environment, most of my TV work is out and about at antique fairs, trudging through fields, so this was a real departure from that.

"It depends on audience reaction and the powers that be as to whether it continues, but we are hopeful of a second run.

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"It's the kind of show that, if it gets a second series, can be around for a number of years."

:: For What It's Worth is on BBC 1 on weekdays at 2.30pm.

Andy Walker - 4 January 2016