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Following his hugely successful introduction to Darren Baker Gallery at the 2015 winter group exhibition, Spectrum of Colour (4 – 24 December 2015), we are delighted to announce Richard Gower’s first one-man gallery show this March.

 British artist Gower (b.1982) studied at Batley College of Art in the 1980s, where he specialised in fine art and sculpture. Over the years he has been developing a unique style with his ‘Reflections’ series.

 Observation and chance is key to Gower’s practice. His self-confessed “voyeuristic approach” to scouting out creative inspiration – sitting in cafes and parks and “people-watching” – allows him to capture the fleeting moments of strangers’ daily activities. The compositions, sometimes cropped at unexpected angles, have at once both a real sense of serenity and intrigue. They quietly invite the viewer to create narratives about the anonymous characters unknowingly immortalized in oil paint.

“My 'Reflections' capture a moment…a snapshot of people... who ever they are and what ever they do ... My works could be a sunny day and shadows or the after math of a storm with reflections in path.” - Gower

Throughout his career Gower has painted in a variety of styles, and intends to continue doing so. He takes inspiration from Modern Masters - from Sickert and Monet, to Picasso and Bacon - all of which have enabled him to evolve his mature, impressionistic style. Although oil paint is Gower's medium of choice, mixed media does often play a part in a number of his works.