D13EGO (b.1974)

Diego Farneti aka D13ego describes his artistic style as "Urban Pop". Using a variety of media, which includes hand-cut stencils, spray paint, gold leaf and glitter, he creates Pop-like medleys bursting with colour, detail and humour. His artistic process involves dripped and sprayed paint, marker pen and tea to create one-off pieces. His subjects range from portrait to collage and the final effect of his work spans from super-realistic to pure street.

His recent work explores the unavoidable relationship people experience in having the abundance or lacking of money. Based on his past experiences and interests, D13ego’s intricate multi-layered images and techniques simultaneously reflect and broaden the complex, yet simple nature of the financial world by utilising financial, comic and classic symbolism. 

His work is can be found in private collections in London, Milan, Geneva, Bruxelles, Dubai and Sydney. 

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Prices range from £250 to £2,500