Darren Baker Gallery is delighted to announce Richard Gower as April's artist of the month.

Following Gower's sell out debut at the group exhibition 'Spectrum of Colour' in 2015, his work has proven to be a continued success with his paintings now found in collections around the world.

His initial 'reflections' were serene depictions rendered with a muted palette, of figures walking through a park, as seen in 'The Lunch Hour'.

These then evolved into his much busier café society and cityscapes. With the crowds came a deeper sense of perspective and a broader palette depicting fleeting moments in time. This collection was unveiled at his solo show 'First Impressions' in March 2016 again a sell out success!

A year on Gower's 'reflections' have evolved further towards a more minimalist striking palette. These paintings, for example 'Red Bag in Piccadilly' use a bolder palette and new confidence exploring negative space on a larger scale, creating his most abstracted and refined body of work yet. 

Throughout the past eighteen months Gower has proved his ability to explore a range of subject matters and scales whilst retaining and developing his signature contemporary impressionist style.

We are delighted to have Gower work alongside DBG do pass by and view the collection.