"I dream up whole walls of rushes, lakes and clouds. Quietly there, but impossible to ignore." - Millena DeMille


DBG is dedicated to the promotion and support of exciting emerging talent on the contemporary art scene. As a new project for the new year we will be shining a light on one artist every month throughout 2017, comprising an extended display of works across one side of the gallery's upper ground floor and online features. 

This February 2017 we are focusing on the inimitable, ethereal work of fine artist and furniture designer Millena DeMille

Millena's shimmering landscapes and semi-abstract natural forms in bursts of gold, silver and copper are a pleasure to behold. Her works incorporate an unusual medley of metal foils, special coloured waxes, acrylic paint, and enamels. The resulting works are subtly coloured, interactive, ever-changing artworks, which when viewed at various angles or in different lights exude an almost "living, breathing" presence. 

With a background of over two decades in freelance interior design, Millena's innovative gilding techniques were developed over a number of years creating bespoke room and furniture designs for private and corporate clients across London, Warsaw, Barcelona and New York. 

The subjects and compositions are mostly inspired by nature - "nature, after all, is the best designer" she quotes - or simply a feeling that needs to be captured. "An idea usually follows me for a few days, nothing concrete, just a feeling. Either serene silver clouds or something full of energy, like in the golden vortexes." 

Millena's works come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for filling entire walls, or even the awkward nooks and crannies of homes. When asked about her preferred scale, she answered: "The bigger the better - I love the scope for movement as my technique is often very physical and works differently on a large scale. The smaller pieces contain more contemplative energy."

Don't let the simplicity and delicacy of the material, finish and framing fool you into thinking it is a simple application of glue and metal leaf - the works comprise multiple layers of media borrowing from both fine art and furniture restoration. They are built up gradually over a number of days - even weeks - including scratching into the surfaces, painting and varnishing to achieve the desired effects. She reveals: "some of the works I then leave unvarnished in order to retain a sense of softness and the different coloured metal leaf layers' natural luminosity, whilst others I enhance with layers of crystal clear varnish - a sort of modern take on gilded and lacquered Chinese furniture."

These sorts of finishes bring to mind elements of opulence and quality, yet delivered in subtle elegance and original designs at affordable prices.

View the full collection of Millena DeMille's work here; prices start from £395.


by Alexandra